Sands of Salzaar Overview and Setting

n this Sands of Salzaar Gameplay Preview – Action Adventure Sandbox RPG article, we’re going to discuss the different classes, gameplay features, combat style, and siege system of the new Sandbox RPG developed by Han-Squirrel Studio and published by XD. Sands of Salzaar has recently come out of Early Access via Steam this December 16, 2021, and is now fully launched.

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Sands of Salzaar Gameplay Preview – Action Adventure Sandbox RPG

  • Name: Sands of Salzaar
  • Platforms: PC (Steam)
  • Developer: Han-Squirrel Studio
  • Publisher: XD
  • Release Date: December 16, 2021
  • Genre: Action Adventure Sandbox RPG

What is Sands of Salzaar?

Sands of Salzaar is an Action Adventure Sandbox RPG that’s similar to Mount and Blade in terms of recruiting troops to build your army, siding with factions, and traversing fortnite v bucks generator multiple areas of the map to seek resources and pertinent items. You can also initiate sieges in towns to grow in power or even create your very own faction.

When it comes to combat, however, the game is more comparable to Diablo due to its action, fast-paced style where you go head-to-head against leaders and their armies as well as stray beasts and monsters. These encounters are messy at times especially if you haven’t upgraded your heroes’ skills nor equipped high level gear.

Sands of Salzaar Combat Against Monsters

Sands of Salzaar allows you to engage in Story Mode where you’ll be able to make choices to change the outcome of certain plotlines. Once you’ve finished this, you’ll gain access to the Sandbox Mode, which lets you freely explore the world without having to go through the stories anymore. Additionally, the game features 9 classes with a variety of skills, 3 difficulty levels for the campaign, recruitable heroes, troop upgrades, and factions you’ll side with or antagonize. Sands of Salzaar even has a Mod Section for players to come up with their level designs and skill sets.

Sands of Salzaar Overview and Setting

The game is set in Salzaar encompassing 6 areas, some of which have different environments. As an adventurer, your goal is to bring peace to the destruction caused fortnite v bucks generator by the rise of the Black Sun. This resulted in the arrival of fiery monsters known as the Ifrit, who began to attack humans. It’ll also be up to you to defend or steal from vulnerable farmers and to fight against hostile nations and tribes since the Old Empire, which used to rule over Salzaar, has collapsed. The alliances you form will make it easier to recruit stronger troops.

Sands of Salzaar Black Sun Cinematic

Furthermore, you have to understand the status of every faction, including the number of territories they govern, the heroes who represent them, and their relationships with remaining cities. These will help you decide the best groups to align yourself with since you can’t please everyone.

In addition to the main and side quests, there are time-limited quests to gain favors from heroes you intend to recruit. For instance, they can ask you to deliver a letter to another village or to retrieve the debt they are owed by someone else. You’ll also encounter character quests based on the class you select at the start.

Sands of Salzaar Nabiha Deliver Letter Quest

Sands of Salzaar’s visual design and snappy animations depict cell-shaded, hand-drawn characters with heavy Asian influence. The colors they’ve used are specifically vibrant, which distinctly pop out of the background, to show distinctive characters. The user interface has also been reworked from Early fortnite v bucks generator Access for simplification purposes, and is therefore coherent to the game rather than using placeholders. For example, the skill tree now clearly exhibits the path of each skill when you upgrade them.

Sands of Salzaar Spiritmancer Skill Tree

From the Spiritmancer’s Call Shade Skill, to Shade (+), you’ll notice the health and damage enhancements right away. Although it would also be nice to change the colors of both stats, similar to the other skills, for better readability.

In terms of the audio, the music cycles between peaceful and heavy instrumental beats when you’re traveling from one city to the next. This changes to exhilarating sound effects, which are high in tension, upon the start of every combat encounter as the game anticipates what’s about to happen. Even if the overall audio is good, it can become tedious to listen to after a while since the soundtrack is somewhat limited.

Sands of Salzaar Gameplay Mechanics and Combat


At the beginning of Sands of Salzaar’s Story Mode, you’ll be asked to choose from 9 unique classes, namely, the Spiritmancer, Spirit Witch, Jackal, Shaman, Knight-Errant, Berserker, Sentinel, Sultan and The Nameless.

Sands of Salzaar Spiritmancer, Spirit Witch, Jackal, Shaman, Knigh-Errant Classes

The Spiritmancer is the best beginner class since you automatically begin the game with a companion, so you won’t need to complete a lot of quests to recruit a single hero. You’ll also be able to conjure balls of energy to deal massive AoE damage and summon shadows to aid you in combat.

Sands of Salzaar Spiritmancer Exploring the Map
Spirit Witch

The Spirit Witch has 3 Wisdom Crystals at their disposal to gain extra skill points right from the get go. If you want to manipulate the battlefield by disorienting and controlling enemies to your advantage, then this class is for you.


Unlike the previous two classes, the Jackal is not magically-inclined. Instead, he’s a rogue-like character, skilled in the shadows. Jackals can stealthily set up traps and knock down targets while earning Utar or the game’s currency. If you select this class, you’ll start with two Bounty Hunter troops who possess similar qualities.


The Shaman are akin to Druids in that they have the ability to shapeshift into multiple beasts and even conjure certain draconic powers. As such, you have a close bond towards creatures of the forest, enabling you to properly communicate with them. You begin the game with wolves who are eager to assist you in your travels.


Knight-Errants are excellent swordmasters who steal from the rich to avenge the poor, making you a wanted criminal. This means that you’re vulnerable to frequently getting ambushed so you have to stealthily navigate every village with caution. Moreover, you start with 3 Wisdom Crystals like the Spirit Witch.

Sands of Salzaar Knight-Errant Class Description

Berserkers are more versatile in the frontline compared to Knight-Errants because of their melee weapon proficiency and heightened defenses. Even if you don’t gain any advantage at the start, you perform well in brawls, often tipping the scales in your favor.


Sentinels have a balanced understanding of inflicting physical and magic damage using their divine sword. With this class, you’re able to boost your squad’s resilience and reduce the damage you receive. Crossbowmen will accompany you right from the very beginning.


Sultans harness their knowledge of ancient machinery to enhance the squad’s gear. They’re adept at building structures to recruit and train more troops, defending their stronghold, and establishing good relationships with neighboring cities. Despite being a Sultan, you may still end up ruffling some feathers so you must prepare for the arrival of invaders, who are hoping to take what’s rightfully yours.

The Nameless

Unlike the rest of the 8 classes, The Nameless only becomes available after your first playthrough. This is the most challenging class to play since they’re vilified by all communities for being an outcast. As such, you can be easily arrested. The advantage of becoming The Nameless is you’re able to mix and match skills from different classes, making you a hybrid character.

Sands of Salzaar The Nameless Class Description

Legacy Points, Skills, and Talents

After selecting a class and customizing your character’s appearance, you’ll be able to pick bonus skills on top of the ones that already come with your class, special items like extra resources, heroes, and in-game modifiers. Each of these cost Legacy Points, which you’ll reap by completing specific achievements. For instance, you receive 1 Legacy Point every time your main character’s level increases by two and you acquire more points when you clear dungeons. This is a good system that rewards you for your accomplishments while letting you alter modifiers (such as being favored by the Thur Nation) in succeeding playthroughs.

Sands of Salzaar Legacy Points User Interface

Upon leveling up, you gain 1 skill point to improve your skills. You have the class-specific, brawl-focused, and legacy trees, which you’ve chosen in character creation. I highly recommend selecting AoE skills since most encounters involve group fights. These will allow you to destabilize and weaken chunks of enemies, thereby efficiently defeating them. In total, you’ll be able to allocate 20 skill points since the max level in the game is 20.

For companions, their skills are divided differently depending on who the hero is. So if you were to become a Spiritmancer, you’ll be accompanied by Zeynep. She has the Skirmish and Traveler’s Swordplay skill sets to reduce the effectiveness of enemy attacks and to poison them as well. In my playthrough, I recruited Nabiha who also has the Skirmish Skill Tree together with Fire Arcana to deal massive fire damage against multiple targets.

Sands of Salzaar Zeynep Traveler's Swordplay Skill Tree

Last but not the least are talents, consisting of perks to enhance the maximum number of squads you’re able to recruit, improve charisma, and reduce the injury rate of your army after combat. You’ll be able to gain these points when you level up and obtain talent shards from red rocks in Salzaar.

Sands of Salzaar Talents for the Spiritmancer

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