9 tips to start the year saving on electricity

9 tips to start the year saving on electricity

Unfortunately, Spaniards face higher electricity and light costs every year. This means that keeping our house lit and at a suitable temperature becomes a complicated and quite expensive. Next we will review nine tips to start the year saving electricity :

  1. Isolate your house It is the best way to achieve an efficient energy consumption. By controlling the air leaks through doors and windows, we will be able to maintain the adequate temperature in our home much better and, therefore, not waste energy.
  2. Replaces halogen bulbs by LED . The LEDs represent an initial outlay of important money, since they are more expensive. However, we will save between 80 and 90% of the electricity consumption in lighting. In addition, the lifespan of the LEDs is much higher than that of conventional bulbs.
  3. Use efficient heating and cooling equipment . Class A or higher heat pumps are much more efficient than electric radiators or electrical resistance convectors. In the case of boilers, condensing boilers are the best.
  4. Set the heating and air conditioning to the correct temperature . It is recommended that this be between 19 and 21 degrees in winter and between 24 and 26 degrees in summer. Keep in mind that each degree of more or less can increase consumption around 7%.
  5. Take advantage of solar heat . In summer it is recommended to open windows in the morning and at the end of the night, to cool the house. In winter, quite the opposite.
  6. Use class A or higher appliances . The energy consumption of low-energy appliances is much lower than that of a conventional appliance. For example, a class A +++ refrigerator consumes about 70% less energy than a normal class model.
  7. Adjust the contracted power . It is advisable to reduce it to the minimum necessary, in order to reduce the electricity bill. When calculating your ideal hired power, keep in mind that you will rarely use all the appliances at once, so it is better to stay short than to spend.
  8. Compare offers from other electric companies . Once a year we should review our invoice and compare it with the offers offered by the rest of the companies. There are online comparators that can be very helpful.
  9. Unplug all equipment that you are not using . Phantom consumption (stand-by) can amount to 7% of household electricity consumption, according to Eurostat. We have to finish him.

We are sure that by applying these simple tips the saving of the energy bill of your home can be important.

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