How to save on the electricity bill with self-consumption?

Image result for solarElectric self-consumption with solar energy has completely revolutionized the energy sector. We have discovered freedom, independence and sustainability in the same system. At SotySolar we have taken a step further to become your solar advisor , your independent advisor capable of designing the best solution for your company or your home. How do we do it? Now we tell you.

What is self-consumption?

Energy self-consumption through photovoltaic panels is freedom. Thanks to your own installation of solar panels you can capture the energy of the sun and transform it into electricity. What it means to say goodbye to the bill of light.

You can choose an independent installation for your own consumption that will be supported by batteries that store energy . In this way, you will guarantee a constant and continuous supply over time. It is a way to have light anywhere, without paying the high transport costs of the electricity distribution network. These facilities are formed by solar panels , a charge regulator, solar accumulators and photovoltaic inverters.

On the other hand, there is the model connected to the network. It is a system connected to an internal circuit of consumption and the general network. In this case you do not need batteries or accumulators, because if at a specific moment you need more electricity, you always have the electric network at your disposal. In addition, you can choose only to self-consume the energy or even sell the surplus green energy to the electricity companies and charge for it.

Why does SotySolar propose a different system?

The generation of energy through solar panels is not new. Our main innovation is our own business model. We are solar consultants, we connect companies or individuals who want an installation with professionals in the sector.

What we do is conduct a study of each case, completely free, so you know how much you can save on the electricity bill . With the data we obtain, we focus on designing the best solution and finding the most adjusted budget. For this, we have a network of installers, manufacturers, distributors and professionals in the sector. Thus, we guarantee the best price and the maximum guarantee. We advise you and we accompany you throughout the process. And also, to make it more comfortable for you, you can do it online .


Our solar calculator

The solar calculator is part of the technology we have developed to offer our services. It is very simple, from our web page you access directly to the solar calculator section , and you receive an estimate of the cost and the savings that you can obtain with your installation.



The whole process in five easy steps

Once you have contacted us, we start working.

1. The roof

Publishing the roof is the first step and it is very important. We need to know where to install solar panels to analyze their situation and their possibilities. We will also ask you for a electricity bill to know what your consumption is and tell you the savings you are going to get.

2. The offers

Once we have located the roof and we have studied the situation, our platform is put to work to make a selection of self-consumption budgets with the installation of solar panels, the financing options customized for you and, then, we process all the information to send it to you in a simple and understandable format. We like to say that our mission is to facilitate the purchase of photovoltaic solar energy installations. No more secrets, transparently and without having to find budgets until you feel lost .

As we are independent and we want the best for you, our advisors accompany you and advise you in your choice. If in the end you decide not to accept any offer, do not worry, you just have to communicate it so that the installers update their database and do not contact you anymore.

3. The agreement of the conditions

If you decide to take the step towards sustainability, green energy and savings, with a clear budget, it is time for you to choose the installer. You only need to click on the “Choose Installer” button and from there confirm the budget. From the platform we notify the professional or installation company that you are interested in hiring their services, but you have to know that you are not obligated and that you can change your mind. In any case, from this moment, it will be the technician who will contact you to send you the contract and the conditions.

4. The installation

Once you have signed the contract, it is time for installation. The same installer will request the permissions and will manage the documentation that is needed and, in addition, will help you to present the applications to receive grants or subsidies. If you live in a house, in two or three days you will have your installation ready. In the case of industrial buildings, the time depends on how big it is.

5. Save

Once the installation is underway, say goodbye to the electricity bills . It is the moment when you feel free and start saving. From the zero minute you will begin to generate green , clean and sustainable energy . From there you can evaluate the installer , share your experience, monitor your consumption and, if you wish, participate in our forum to talk with others like you.

Our professional filter

Our flag is quality and professionalism. That is why, before registering an installer or a solar energy company in our database, we have made sure that it offers our customers the best service.

Thus, we also invite companies, manufacturers, installers of solar panels, distributors to join our network of professionals so they can be suppliers to our customers.

Do you have more questions?


If you have more questions, we invite you to browse SotySolar Academy . In our academy you can learn about the benefits of photovoltaic energy.

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