How to stop fearing and saving with the electricity bill?

Image result for electricityThe dreaded day has arrived, we enter our portal, we open the mailbox and … BINGO! There is the letter from our beloved electric company, what will it be this time? Will I have won some sort of draw?

Well no, against all odds it’s about the bill of light , and what is my face of amazement when I realize that, oh surprise! it has gone back up …

Why does not the receipt of light continue to rise and more now that winter comes?

What will have happened? What is the reason for this “exceptional” increase? surely it will be because of a war in a strange country, or perhaps it is due to another “debt” of the state with some figure of the electrical system. Nothing farther from reality, this time the blame has fallen on the weather.

As you read, this time the responsibility of Spaniards to pay 12% more on our electricity bill is of the weather, and is that going through one of the driest years that are remembered serves as a perfect excuse to justify the increase of the invoice in this year 2017.

– Surely the Government will have taken measures to deal with such a setback. Well, a priori it seems that no, maybe our best option is to invoke the God of rain, wait for us to listen and no one can think of another excuse to return to raise the bill of light next year.

But does Spain and the electricity bill really depend so much on hydroelectric power?

Well, the truth is that no. It is evident that our country can not risk its energy production to a scarce resource such as water. And a good proof of this is that only 29% of the renewable energy that we produce comes from hydraulic energy compared to 98% that produces a world power in this matter, such as Norway.

In other words, in Norway, as they have an abundance of water, they make the most of it, and here we blame the scarcity of a scarce resource for the increase in the electricity tariff. Would not it be better, I say, to look for an abundant resource within our borders and get the most out of the purest Norwegian style?

At this point, the bulb is turned on to a server, never better said. Spain is a world-famous country because of multiple factors, but the Sun may be the most relevant, do not you think?

Well, it seems that a brilliant mind of this country had this idea before me and I am sure that it intentionally took charge of putting all the obstacles possible to the exploitation of the most important energy resource that we have at our disposal.

Think about it for a moment, what would be the excuse to justify a new increase in electricity rates with a much stronger generation of solar energy ? They would surely end and it would be time to put the cards on the table.

How can we save on the electricity bill at the end of the month?

Luckily for us, it is not necessary to wait for that moment to come, it is in our power to take charge of our energetic transformation. With self-consumption solutions we protect ourselves against the constant rises in the price of electricity. Self-consumption will allow you to save directly on the variable term of your electric bill. In addition, in some cases you can lower the electric power contracted by reducing the fixed cost and also if you hire a rate with time discrimination you can maximize the savings on your bill even more .

It should be remembered that self-consumption is a right and to become the owners of our own energy depends solely on ourselves. We have the opportunity to be part of the energy transition as active members. Are you going to waste it?

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