Barcelona will assume the sewer rate of people in situations of energy poverty

Barcelona will assume the sewer rate of people in situations of energy poverty

The municipal government of Barcelona has proposed to assume the sewer rate of people suffering from energy poverty , which means between 10 and 15 euros per year of the water bill.

The City Council also plans to assume the debt in this issue generated by the citizens in precarious situation as well as the renewal of the Bulletin of Recognition of Electrical Installations.

These measures, however, will have to go through the commission and the plenary session first, but the Councilor for Presidency and Energy, Eloi Badia, has assured that all the groups agree so far.

Badia will also propose to the Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona to do the same with the municipal rate of waste treatment. The mayor has taken the opportunity to criticize Agbar charged against the consistory for not doing homework in this area when he knows that they have been working to approve this initiative for five months.

This is a measure to exempt families in a situation of energy poverty from the sewerage rate included in the water tariff, an issue that serves 7,476 households, equivalent to 18,690 people.

This measure would imply about 100,000 euros for the City Council to assume the cost of the fee, which represents about 7% of the bill.

The water bill includes five concepts : this sewer rate, the supply, the water fee – which depends on the Generalitat -, the VAT and the waste treatment rate – of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB) – -, concepts that are grouped in the same invoice to optimize the administrative management, Badia has defended.


They plan to take a proposal to the metropolitan council of the AMB so that the waste treatment fee is not charged to these families in a situation of energy poverty, something that will also be addressed after the summer and that would affect the entire metropolitan area.

The AMB would cover what these families will not pay for the rate , which represents 14% of the bill, and advocate that both the supra-municipal administration and the City Council settle the debt in sewage and household waste that accumulates up to 1,000 euros.

The councilor has argued that “there will still be elements on the receipt on which it will be worth reflecting” and depend on other administrations : the VAT, which regulates the central government and asks to reduce, and the canon, which depends on the Generalitat, which is studying the matter, according to Badia.

Free security accreditation

The City Council has negotiated an agreement between the Energy Agency of Barcelona, ​​the Municipal Institute of Social Services and the Gremi d’Instal·ladors of Barcelona, ​​which establishes a protocol for families with difficulties not to pay for the Recognition Bulletin of Electrical Installations (Brie), required to change the contract or its owner.

Asked by the journalists, Badia pointed out that they have treated about 200 cases of families that have found themselves in the situation of having to pay for this document and can not afford the cost, since it costs about 100 euros, which the City Council will assume, with a approximate cost of 20,000 euros.

Months working with Agbar

He assured that the City Council has been working on this issue with Aigües de Barcelona for at least five months , and regretted that the society accused the municipality of not subsidizing the fees of its competition when it knew that the municipal government was already analyzing it: “It seems that the campaign has been more to dirty a measure that I think we should all celebrate. “

Badia, who voted against the accounts of Aigües de Barcelona, ​​has argued that the benefits should be used to lower rates, and Ortiz has asserted: ” We are talking about basic supplies , goods that are provided in other places as a common public service. We are not talking about buying and selling shoes, we are talking about having access to water “.

Energy advisory points

The Energy Advisory Points (PAE) have attended since 2015 to 4,626 households , added to those served by social services, reach 7,476, Ortiz detailed, which has explained that 1,921 supply cuts have been avoided and have been carried out 658 urgent interventions in homes with “severe deficiencies”.

Has specified that 75% of those served in the PAE are not users of social services , so he has asked the central government not to set this requirement to access social bonds, and noted that the advice points have driven some 50 community workshops, which aim to intensify during the summer, when energy poverty also influences health.

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