These ‘gadgets’ can save you a lot of money in electricity


These ‘gadgets’ can save you a lot of money in electricity

These days, receiving the bill for electricity means taking a hot flash. Prices have skyrocketed and it seems that they will stay very high for some time. More than ever, we need to save. We can make a conscientious consumption plan that keeps us vigilant about what we plug in or what we turn on … or we can leave it in the hands of technology.

The alternative is as attractive as it is effective. Every time more gadgets are released to the market with the aim of getting you to spend strictly what you need. We present some of the most innovative.


If you do not use it, turn it off

There are smart gadgets that are responsible for monitoring your cluelessness, as when you leave without turning off the light of a room or with a device on. Two very useful examples. The Ecobutton connects to the computer through the USB port and thus detects the time it takes without being in use. When it has exceeded the programmed minutes, it disconnects it. In this way, even the stand-by expense is suppressed .

Much more complete is the EnergyEgg , which consists of two devices: a motion detector and an adapter for the plug. When the set time is exceeded without activity in the room, the adapter cuts off the power of all the systems connected to that socket, but not before warning with a beep in case you want to cancel the action.


Remote control

From mobile devices we can know what happens in our house and make decisions that execute intelligent control systems. First example, the Xiaomi Smart Socket , in appearance a simple plug with adapter.

Through it you can connect any device to the network, with the advantage that it measures the consumption that is made and informs you of it in the mobile. Your app allows you to turn the device off or on remotely, or leave it programmed so that it can be connected in the hours when electricity is cheaper.

The Insight WeMo performs a similar function, with a couple of added advantages: it informs you when the devices have completed their function (the washing machine, the dryer, the oven …) to prevent them from being put on stand-by , and sends alerts if something it does not run as it should (a power failure, the washing machine stopped by a fault …).


Brains that think for you

The most complete gadgets are those that analyze the consumption of your home and advise you on how to reduce it. This is the purpose of Nubings , a system developed by three Galician physicists who, they say, can save 300 euros a year.

It consists of a small device that is installed in the electrical panel of the house and that connects with up to six circuits (plugs, appliances, lighting …). It is analyzing the peaks of consumption, the hours in which it is produced and in what it is spent more. With this information, it tells you through a mobile application if the electricity tariff you have contracted is the one that best suits you, where you have to cut back and if any device is inefficient.

Wattio and Mirubee , also Spanish systems, are the main competition of Nubings in this technological market of energy saving. All easy to install and with some prices (none costs more than 180 euros) that with the savings are amortized in a short time.

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