Industrial self-consumption, a key element in the energy transition

Image result for tiny house solar panelsSpain offers the best conditions, in spite of the regulatory framework, in terms of radiation and infrastructures for the development of a stable photovoltaic market. The outlook is encouraging and the industrial and business sectors are a key element in this energy transition.

At SotySolar we are convinced of the enormous possibilities of self-consumption growth for companies and for this reason we use all our resources and active collaboration for their promotion and facilitate that Spanish companies switch to solar energy.

Current consumption of industrial consumption

Well, despite having one of the most restrictive regulations in the world, a large number of companies are betting heavily on self-consumption to cover part of their energy demand.

Among them, we must highlight Ikea, the Swedish giant has more than 40,000 solar panels installed in Spain and is committed to being 100% renewable and energy independent in 2020.

In the same line are other companies such as Bon Preu, which has more than 1,300 kW of installed power, Aena with projects for its airports in the Canary Islands, Sanitas that has photovoltaic installations for self-consumption in some of its geriatric residences, and wineries such as Viñas del Vero and Cellers Can Blau.

This highlights the rebound of photovoltaic energy in our country and indicates an unequivocal trend of what we can expect in the future, which is nothing more than a clear commitment to self-consumption and a firm commitment of companies for sustainability .

Why take advantage of solar energy in our company?

There are more and more reasons why all kinds of companies and industries make the decision to install solar panels on their roofs. The rebound of the economy together with the greater social awareness regarding renewable energies, means that photovoltaic energy is once again booming in our country.

The visible effects of climate change, the continuous increase in the price of light and oil, together with the considerable cheapening of solar technology, make it an ideal solution. We are at a point of no return towards an authentic energy revolution that will change our way of producing, distributing and consuming energy.

Benefits of self-consumption in companies

The self-consumption of our own energy is, today, the best way to save on the electricity bill and reduce the fixed costs of the power term while minimizing the CO2 emissions of our company, and therefore we renew the image corporate As we see, the benefits of a solar panel installation, go far beyond the economic savings.

1. Savings in energy costs

The installation of solar panels has a significant reduction in the electricity bill.

2. Increase in competitiveness

The reduction of costs translates into the possibility of offering more competitive prices to customers.

3. Reduction of CO2 emissions

By generating your own green energy, you will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and curbing climate change in this way.

4. Commitment to the environment

Betting on solar energy increases corporate social responsibility and improves the brand image.

5. Business differentiation

Add differential value to your company and reach a greater number of customers with a renewable conscience.



Photovoltaic energy is suitable and viable for any type of company or industry, although it is true that for some activities it can have many more benefits than for others. The industrial self-consumption in companies that have their greater energy expenditure during the hours of Sun can suppose savings in the invoice of the light superior to 50%.

The use of photovoltaic energy in companies in the hospitality industry, industrial, wine, livestock, education … is more than contrasted with results that leave no room for doubt. In this situation, the Spanish business sector must once again put itself at the forefront of society and mark the path of our country towards an efficient and sustainable energy model.

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