5 reasons to promote energy self-consumption

Photovoltaic solar energy consumption

Image result for Photovoltaic solar energyIn recent times, we have been experiencing a continuous escalation in the prices of our electricity bills and the tendency is for everything to continue like this. In addition, the excessive increase is also occurring in the wholesale market. The causes are not clear but different sources say that this increase is due to low wind, lack of rainfall, the rise in the price of gas, …

The debate is in the media, is a common theme among ordinary citizens, and from SotySolar we explain how energy self-consumption can be the solution to measure to stop this bleeding.

First, what is electrical self-consumption?

According to Law 24/2013, of December 26, of the Electricity Sector, in its article 9, the electric self-consumption is “the consumption of electrical energy coming from generation facilities connected inside a consumer’s network or through a direct line of electrical energy associated with a consumer “

Plain and clear, is the production of electricity for your own consumption with your own means.

Types of solar photovoltaic self-consumption

There are three types or modalities of self-consumption with photovoltaic solar panels:

  1. Self-consumption connected to the grid : it allows the consumption of the energy coming from the photovoltaic solar panels and when we do not have it, as we continue to consume energy from a third party, generally a commercial electric power company.
  2. Self-consumption isolated from the network : it allows you to consume all the energy you need without having to depend on a third party. For this, storage systems ( solar batteries ) must be included to supply your consumption needs.
  3. Shared self-consumption: it is a self-consumption facility that produces energy for different homes. Currently, it is unregulated following the decision of the Constitutional Court to annul article 4.3 and waiting for each Autonomous Community to regulate this matter.

5 reasons to promote energy self-consumption

  1. Spain has one of the highest irradiation rates in Europe. Without in Germany it is profitable, because in Spain “more and better”.
  2. As we spoke at the beginning of this article about the continuous increases in the price of electricity bills , self-consumption allows you to be independent of these increases, insofar as you are consuming your own energy.
  3. Increase and development of its own industries, that is, a multitude of companies will appear and tens of thousands of jobs will be generated to cover the needs of the self-consumption market.
  4. Self-consumption, by eliminating the production of energy with fossil fuels, contributes directly to the reduction of CO2 emissions, to curbing climate change and to making this world a more sustainable place for future generations.
  5. It is VIABLE ECONOMICALLY. A self-consumption facility of 2 kW can cost around € 5,000 and the amortization of this according to which zone is between 5 and 8 years with a useful life of 30 years. The savings achieved will be much higher than the investment made.

Main obstacles that hinder the expansion of self-consumption

We could group these into two groups, although mainly the difficulties are due to legal aspects

Architectural obstacle

One of the main problems of self-consumption with solar energy is that to produce huge amounts of energy, it is necessary to have large areas of territory.

Suppose that to cover the consumption needs of a family type it is necessary to have 2 kW, that is, 8 panels that occupy about 8-10 m2. So, for self-consumption a reality for all citizens of our country would be necessary to consider self-consumption in collective terms . On the one hand, the “dead” space of the roofs of the neighborhood communities and of single-family homes should be taken advantage of in order to generate poles of power generation as close as possible to the consumption pole.

Legal obstacles to self-consumption

If we think in particular terms, the obstacles to self-consumption are imposed by the legislation of the so-called Sun tax . The RD that regulates self-consumption in its entirety puts different pitfalls of different kinds: form of overturning the network, backup tolls, prohibition of the net balance, too difficult procedure for the legalization of installation of solar panels, etc.

However, everything indicates that these obstacles are going to disappear despite the reluctance of our government, whether by common sense or by European imposition.

Future of energy self-consumption

In SotySolar we aim to bring self-consumption to all citizens and businesses. We know that the future of energy goes through self-consumption and distributed generation .

Citizen awareness begins to be a fact and the increase of interested in solar energy and self-consumption is increasing. It would be risky to say that the energy change has arrived but, at least it is not, to say that 2018 is interesting and is the year of change.



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