Unicaja Banco participates in a conference on financing and investments in energy efficiency for Andalusian companies

Unicaja Banco participates in a conference on financing and investments in energy efficiency for Andalusian companies

Unicaja Bank has participated, together with the Official Credit Institute (ICO), in a conference held in Seville for companies and businesses on financing and the new line to support investments in energy efficiency created by the ICO and the Institute for Diversification and Energy Saving (IDAE).

This line, to which the Unicaja Banco Group is affiliated, is aimed at improving the energy consumption of the hospitality industry, small and medium enterprises and large companies, both in the industrial and commercial sectors.

This informative day, organized in collaboration with the Business Confederation of Commerce of Andalusia (CECA) has counted with the participation of about fifty businessmen, as well as presidents and representatives of different groups of Andalusian commerce.

The session, held this past Tuesday at the Mercantile Circle of Seville, was opened by the Secretary General of the ECSC, Fernando J. Pérez, and by the territorial director of Commerce and ICEX of Andalusia of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, José Álvarez, and had the participation of the Head of the Mediation Management Area of ​​the ICO, Javier González, who was in charge of presenting the main features of the new financing line.

On behalf of Unicaja Banco, the director of Corporate Banking, Salvador Navarro, has contributed information on the specialized products available to the financial entity to finance SMEs in the region, with special emphasis on specific loans for investments that you want to make in terms of energy efficiency.

Through this new line of the ICO and the Energy Diversification and Saving Institute (IDAE), funds (a total of 100 million euros) have been set up so that the financial entities subscribed to the programs can provide the companies with the credits required to carry out projects on energy efficiency.

In this sense, the Unicaja Bank Group is one of the few entities that has joined the new ICO-IDAE line of Energy Efficiency 2018, with agreements recently signed with the ICO by both Unicaja Banco and its subsidiary EspañaDuero, which enables it to facilitate both SMEs and large companies financing to carry out energy efficiency projects.

In particular, the costs aimed at achieving the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions as well as the final energy consumption through the use of energy efficiency can be financed.

This line of financing is available for SMEs and large companies in the industrial, commercial and hospitality sectors. To apply for credits for this purpose, companies and businesses in Andalusia can go to any branch of Unicaja Banco.

In addition, as usual, the entity offers one more year the ICO line for companies and entrepreneurs, aimed at facilitating financing for productive investments and providing liquidity.

The interest of the Unicaja Bank Group in making the ICO’s financing lines available to companies, responds to the exercise of its activity as a financial and credit entity of a social nature that plays a relevant role in promoting territorial economic development through the financial support of companies and entrepreneurs.

The offer of the ICO lines is in addition to the wide range of specialized financial products and services that Unicaja Banco provides to companies, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs in support of their activity.

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