Challenges of the Autonomous State, financing of terrorism and energy, protagonists this week

Challenges of the Autonomous State, financing of terrorism and energy, protagonists this week

The summer courses of the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) will address, in its fifth week of academic activity, topics such as the financing of terrorism, the challenges of the Autonomous State, energy in the new digital era or the right to decent housing, and will be attended by the Secretaries of State of Energy, José Domínguez, and Justice, Manuel Dolz.

Macrotendencias such as electrification, energy efficiency, the reduction of costs of technologies or the integrating role of the networks show how the future of energy will be and on what pillars the transforming strategies of companies in the sector will be supported, are some of the topics that will be addressed by the meeting The energy of the future in the new digital era (July 16 and 17).

The Secretary of State for Energy, José Domínguez; José María Marín Quemada, president of the National Commission of Markets and Competition, Jorge Sanz, president of the Commission for the Energy Transition or María José Rallo, general secretary of Transport of the Ministry of Development, among others.

Another of the essential events of the week will be the meeting The financing of terrorism (from July 18 to 20), which will provide a historical perspective on this issue in Spain, but also in other countries. That look at the past will be completed with other analyzes on how the financing of terrorism by security forces operates and how it is pursued at present.

To do so, it will include presentations by María del Mar Blanco, president of the Victims of Terrorism Foundation, Florencio Domínguez, director of the Victims of Terrorism Memorial Center, Juan Carlos Calleja, money laundering prevention service, SEPBLAC or Manuel Ventero, director of Communication and Institutional Relations of RTVE.

Financing will also be discussed at the meeting The challenges of organization and financing in the Autonomous State Reform or collapse? (from July 18 to 20). “Given the current reality, it is necessary to establish a minimum basis to dialogue and solve problems from serenity and common respect.” That is what this meeting intends, “to make an analysis of the model and the possible alternatives to the territorial coexistence of the State”, as reported by the UIMP in a press release.

For its part, the meeting The right to decent housing in Spain today (July 19 and 20), will have as speakers the Supreme Court magistrate, José Manuel Bandrés, the ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, the president of the Federation of Housing Cooperatives, Juan Casares, the spokesman of the Platform Affected by Mortgages (PAH), Francisco Morote, or the economist Ramón Tamames.


In the meeting Ibero-American Cultural Space: audiovisual and sports (16 and 17 of

July), will feature personalities such as the president of EGEDA, Enrique Cerezo, the directors and producers Gerardo Herrero and Álvaro Longoria, the writers and essayists Fernando Savater and Enrique Krauze, the former president of Uruguay Julio María Sanguinetti or the president of the Liga de Fútbol Profesional , Javier Tebas.

There will also be a meeting of Multilatinas companies (from July 18 to 20), which this year celebrates its fifth edition under the title Growth, development and integration in the Ibero-American community, and in which the former Minister of Economy, Ramón Escolano, will participate. Director of International Relations of Iberdrola, José Gasset, the President of the Ibero-American Business Foundation and former Minister Josep Piqué i Camps, again Sanguinetti, the President of the Official Credit Institute, Pablo Zalba, the former Minister and Vice-President of the FIE, Trinidad Jiménez and the Former Director of the UIMP, César Nombela.

The meeting VI Collecting, appreciation and value of contemporary art (from July 16 to 18) will discuss the new encyclopaedists: the artist as a collector / collector as an artist. It will feature artists such as Ignasi Aballí, Kurt Caviezel and Corinne Vionnet, the president of the IAC, Isabel Durán, the gallery owner Pilar Serra or the president of the Association of Private Collectors of Contemporary Art, 9915, Jaime Sordo.

Hand in hand with the Cultural Association Plaza Porticada, the UIMP will celebrate the meeting Arts, letters and sciences: Santander creators. Jesús Flórez, a committed scientist (July 16 to 18). Directed by Ángel Pazos, rector of the University of Cantabria and María Hurlé, Professor of Pharmacology, the course will analyze the life and work of Flórez as well as its impact on society as a teacher, scientist and person committed to the most vulnerable.

For his part, the designer Juan Vidal will give the workshop of the author and his work Fashion: imagination, intuition and feelings in the creative process (from July 16 to 20).


The meeting Criminal process: fundamental rights and advocacy in other judicial and administrative proceedings (July 19 and 20) will review the challenges that the current reality poses to maintain and strengthen the guarantees of fundamental rights in the criminal process. José Javier Huete, prosecutor of the Coordinating Committee for Minors of the Attorney General’s Office, Manuel Marchera, president of the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court or Guillermo García-Panasco, fiscal lieutenant of the Technical Secretariat of the State’s Attorney General will speak.

This week also returns to the Palace of the Magdalena the meeting A justice of the future (July 16 and 17), which in its fourth edition aims to address with the main experts of the Administration of Justice, the search and development of a new model that allows respond to the needs demanded by citizens.

Among others, the Secretary of State for Justice, Manuel Dolz, the president of the Observatory against Domestic Violence and Gender, María Ángeles Carmona, the General Secretary of the Santander Council, Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona, the President of the General Council of Procurators of Spain, Juan Carlos Estévez or the president of the General Council of the Spanish Law, Victoria Ortega.

The meeting The investment, financing and management of transport infrastructures (July 16) will be inaugurated by the Secretary General of Infrastructures of the Ministry of Public Works, José Javier Izquierdo and the President of the General Council of Economists, Valentín Pich.

The Secretary General of Transport of the Ministry of Development, María José Rallo, the president of the Engineering Institute of Spain, Carlos del Álamo, the financial economic director of Globalvia, Alberto García and the former Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, Julio will speak. Gómez-Pomar.

Schools will also be very present this week, such as the XIXth Biology course by the scientist Margarita Salas, in which the researcher, molecular oncologist and former director of the National Center for Oncological Research (CNIO), Mariano Barbacid, will intervene.

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